E3’s residential service provides accommodation and support to adults with developmental challenges who may come from the community, family home, nursing home or institution.

Assistance provided is appropriate to the skill level of the individual so that they can develop as much independence as they are able. Learning opportunities include areas such as self-care, household management, social skills and community awareness. Flow through to the Supported Living program, occurs as people progress in acquiring skills.

Residences are staffed according to the needs of the residents in the home. This is measured by the amount of direct care and supervision required. Many residents attend a day program which may be a community setting or a Resource Centre operated by E3.  In some homes, residents are supported by community support workers who come to the residence. At one home, residents are senior and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, again, receiving support in their home setting.

Each residence is staffed at all times when residents are home. Nine of our residences are fully accessible.