Community and Workplace Engagement

We Provide:

To Employers:


Employment Consultants who work alongside the job-seeker while the employer provides training to ensure the job-seeker fully understands the job and can do the job safely


Assistance filling the employment needs


Increased positive workplace


Dedicated, long-term employees


Time saved searching for a new employee


Ongoing communication, education, awareness, and support from our Employment Consultants

To Job Seekers:


On the job support and training


Ongoing education through seminars offered


Participation in the JobPath pre-employment training program


Support building meaningful relationships


Secure employment


Résumé writing, application support, and interview preparation

ready for work

Our team of Employment Consultants, many of whom have been with E3 for more than 25 years, bring an abundance of experience to the table from our community which includes children’s services, behavioural sciences, developmental supports for all ages, teaching in the school system, therapeutic rapport, and pandemic readiness, among others.

Their combined expertise is used to support both local businesses as well as job-seekers in the South Georgian Bay area. We have a long-standing history with many of the businesses in our community and we assist individuals who are over 18 years of age in finding work related activities and volunteer opportunities within the community.

Volunteer Support

  • Support to gain transferable skills
  • Support participation for volunteering in the community
  • Support building community connections and meaningful relationships

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up for Employment Services?

You can sign up through Developmental Services Ontario.

Can I work when I am on Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)? How will this affect my ODSP?

Yes, it is financially beneficial to work and receive ODSP. Each month you will need to submit your earnings (paystubs) to ODSP.

What is JobPath?
  • Interactive and engaging 6 week in-class learning with instruction
  • Practical learning opportunities to volunteer at a non-profit organization within the community
  • Guest speakers will provide insightful information related to working
  • Job readiness
  • Self exploration – learn about your strengths and abilities
  • Meet new people
  • Prepare for an interview with mock interviews
Do you offer a wage subsidy for Employers?

We do not offer a wage subsidy, however we offer ongoing communication with the employer, employee, and our experienced Employment Consultants. We support during the transition and training until the job-seeker and employer both feel comfortable. We then fade out our support but we are always available to re-train or offer on-site visits to ensure that the individual is successful. Our support is always available if required.

Our Community Partners

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Volunteering and Skill-Developing

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