Employment Services

E3’s vocational program is now called Employment Services to better reflect the mandate of this program.  Employment Consultants assist individuals who are over 18 years of age to find work related activities within the community.  Extensive training is being carried out to enhance support in an ever-changing workplace.

See Exciting New Approach to Employment Services – full Brochure in pdf.

History:  In 1996, E3 started to move towards a “person centred approach” to planning and it became clear that our Vocational Services Department needed to be restructured so that a wide range of opportunities, tailored to meet the needs and wishes of the individuals supported, could be offered. As a result, the Employment Training Centre (E.T.C.), formerly A.R.C. Industries, was replaced with an improved program simply referred to as Vocational Services which offered many exciting opportunities that enhanced skill development and individual growth through inclusion in the community.  This evolved further to Community Outreach Services, which supported persons in vocational pursuits throughout the area.