Exciting New Approach to Employment Services!

Hiring people with a developmental disability is not about charity.  It is not about sympathy or doing what’s right or good.   It’s about smart business practices.

Workers with disabilities have demonstrated a higher work productivity, reduced turnover, absenteeism and increased profitability for businesses.  They are motivated, committed, reliable, often outperformers and have a spotless work ethic.

People with disabilities just by their nature, help to inspire and increase morale in other staff and create a positive work environment and community response.

With the recent Call to Action by the Ontario Government to hire staff with a disability, E3 Community Services is working with local businesses to help dispel myths and stereotypes and educate employers to make it easier for them to get on board.

Employee turnover is expensive and time consuming.  It’s time to look together at tapping into this talent pool and help to improve the lives of people with a developmental disability.

Providing an Employment Services program, along with a skilled labour pool, job readiness program and on the job coaching are just some of the services E3 provides.

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