Host Family Program

The Host Family Program is a residential option for adults with a developmental delay. Individuals become an integral part of a family and are involved in family and community activities.

The individual shares living accommodations with a family or adult who provides room and board, emotional support, supervision and training to the person. Opportunities are provided for ongoing involvement with family members, legal guardians or next of kin, where this is in the best interest of the individual or in accordance with his/her wishes. Some individuals in the program may require long term support. For others, assistance will be needed to move to a more independent living situation.

The family or person who provides care for the person served is known as the Host Family. Host Families are paid on a per diem basis.

In Collingwood and surrounding areas, the Host Family Program is administered by E3 Community Services. It is under the direction of a Manager who is responsible for the recruitment and training of Host Families and for the placement of individuals.

For more information regarding this program, please call (705) 445-6351 ext. 232.