Local Data & Reports

Here you will find data to help describe the children and families in our community. Use this data to inform agency, and program planning.

Have a look at these reports where domains, community profiles, special needs and first nations were re-released for the 2006 data.

Readiness to Learn

What is the EDI and School Readiness? EDI Background Material
EDI Implementation In Simcoe County The History of EDI in Simcoe

EDI Results: School Readiness for Children in Simcoe

Five Domains of School Readiness – 1 Page Handouts

School Readiness by Domain: Contains results for all five domains, backgrounder and subdomains definition handouts in English & French (2006)
Children with Special Needs & Special Problems (2006)   (2010) –
First Nations, Inuit and Metis Children (2006)

EDI Community Profiles: Results by Neighbourhood with Maps  (2006)

Pan-Canadian EDI & SES Maps: Council for Early Child Development (Download layer & zoom)

Community Demographics

For more information about demographics in our community,  go to Statistics Canada Website.


Simcoe’s French Population from the 2006 Census & Local Maps  (2006)