Children and adult admissions to service are approved by the Admissions Committee. This committee is made up of the agency CEO and senior program Directors. The committee also calls in rotating managerial and intake staff familiar with specific applicants where deemed necessary. The committee reviews application material against vacancies and makes decisions on a prioritization protocol outlined in the specific program admissions process listed below.

Where Developmental Services Ontario is not involved in processing the application the agency provides information on alternate services that may be available if the individual is not accepted. If E3 cannot accommodate a request for service, a Facilitator provides referrals and recommendations to other resources during the application process.

Because E3 operates many different children and adult programs, eligibility, wait times and prioritization vary with the program and the resources available. Most E3 programs are resourced well enough to accommodate eligible candidates within a reasonable time frame. However E3’s adult accommodations programs are generally full to capacity and wait times can be months or even years.

Changes in need can affect the priority status of an individual’s application and people are encouraged to keep the appropriate staff informed.

Many of our programs have a wait list prioritized on individual needs rather than the “first come first served” principle. A “Needs List” is generally an admission for service ranking based on the health and behavioural characteristics of individual applicants and the general stability of their environment and family support. However, the characteristics of an applicant’s circumstances must also match the resources and space available. Needs-based ranking and admission is therefore done on a case by case basis.

Children Admissions

Children’s Out of Home Respite
EarlyON Centres
Tots ‘n Tykes Childcare Centre

Adult Admissions

Adult Respite

For the following Adult Services contact:
Developmental Services Ontario
905-953-0796 or 1-855-277-2121

Employment Services
Host Family Program
Future Transitions (if someone is already connected to the program through the school they do not need to apply to Developmental Services Ontario)
Resource Centres
Residential Accommodations
Supported Independent Living