Tots ‘n’ Tykes Childcare Centre

How and Where to Apply

Families are encouraged to apply for childcare in one of the following ways:

Phone:  705 445-5515
Fax:  705 445-5412
Or in person at 60 Ninth Street in Collingwood.

Families will be given an enrollment package which includes an application form, a medical form, a policy statement and a current fee schedule.  Families complete the application and medical forms and return them to the childcare centre at 60 Ninth Street in Collingwood.


Children from 1 year up to 5 years of age are eligible.  Pre-toddlers must be walking and will be admitted if space allows, they are developmentally ready and the Ministry of Education has given their approval.

Wait Times for Service

Families are given an answer immediately as to the availability of space.  If no space is immediately available, the family has the option of having their child’s name put on a needs lists.  Wait times for service can vary widely.


The application is dated so families can be served on a first-come, first-served basis.  This rule is subject to the need to match the number of days or hours requested with the age of the child and the space available in the program.