Agency Performance Review

The Board of Directors of E3 Community Services reviews the activities of the organization throughout the operational year. A Checklist of all aspects of the agency mandate includes Board responsibilities, management objectives, mandated compliance, policy development, quality assurance, financial stewardship, planning and advocacy. The following activities represent a macro overview of the status of major responsibilities and objectives set out in an operational year.

√   The Agency Checklist has been systematically reviewed and followed. The agency has demonstrated solid progress on most all aspects of operations.

√   Quality assurance has been enhanced through the transition to full accreditation. The agency achieved reaccreditation in the fall of 2013.

√    The agency has conducted an annual internal Risk Management Audit which monitors frequency and follow up activities on: potentially harmful incidents, grievances, serious occurrences, consumer complaints, behaviour support restrictions, medication errors/incidents and possible or active litigation.

√   Adherence to legislated MCSS compliance is comprehensive and timely.

√   Governance documents and policies are current and reviewed routinely for improvements where possible.

√   Quality assurance is extremely important.  In addition to adopting a path to accreditation, the agency has developed solid person centred planning systems and outcomes-based processes to improve individual supports.

√   The Rights Committee has followed its mandate and in doing so has solicited feedback from consumers, made recommendations for improvement and acted where necessary as a last right of appeal for families.

√    The agency routinely seeks out new ways of generating revenues and has successfully exceeded budget expectations.

√   Program budgets are balanced and where necessary steps have been taken to cut costs to ensure ongoing fiscal sustainability.

Each year the Board notes areas that require further work or attention in the coming year. There are various reasons why some projects or goals are deferred and often beyond the control of Board or management. Our intent is to be vigilant regarding the integrity of process. Our observations are as follows:

√   Bill 77 promised to transform services in Ontario. More emphasis is needed in educating the Board, staff and consumers and ensuring the agency is prepared for change and that the agency works actively to ensure the changes are in the best interest of the people we support.

√   Our social enterprise partnerships are a funding source for the agency. We must ensure that E3 has the infrastructure and base of employee training to sustain the support role we have assumed.

On balance the Board is confident that the agency has fulfilled its obligations and vision for its funders, its consumers and the community as a whole. We base our observations and conclusions on the successful advancement of overall planning goals as exemplified by primary components of our objectives.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to report another successful year of operation. We have endeavoured to solicit and reflect the views of the people we support and we have been careful to expend public resources in transparent and prudent ways.

E3 Community Services