Rights Committee

The E3 Rights Committee is a Management Committee with representation from the Board of Directors, Senior Management and families.  The committee, which meets on a regular basis, makes recommendations to the CEO based on their findings.

Committee Mandate
The components of E3 Programs to be looked at by the committee relate directly to Adult Developmental Programs.

The Rights Committee will primarily deal with the following tasks on an annual basis:

  • review and recommend adjustments on “Temporary Restrictions”;
  • review and recommend actions respecting consumer survey feedback;
  • review and recommend actions related to interview feedback;
  • review and recommend actions respecting focus group feedback;
  • adjudicate “Rights” complaints when unresolved through normal due process.
  • review summary data from random support plans to monitor service effectiveness.
  • perform random file audits

For more information regarding the Rights Committee please see the Committee Terms of Reference.