Agency Response to COVID-19: November 20, 2020


November 20, 2020

To Employees, Parents, Families, Caregivers and Directors of the Board

Covid 19 cases are seeing a surge in Ontario, Canada and many other countries. In Ontario, a new framework was created. SIMCOE COUNTY is in YELLOW—PROTECT.

New directives from MCCSS are suspending indoor visits and allowing socially distanced, outdoor visits. Taken from the matrix (Memo 2 – Enhanced Precautions – Simcoe Muskoka – ENG / Appendix Wave 2 Summary of Visitor and Activity Matrix Final EN)…

A non- essential visitor is generally a person who:
• Provides non-essential services, who may or may not be hired by the site or the resident and/or their substitute decision maker; and/or
• For social reasons (e.g. family members or friends).
Non-essential visits must be scheduled in advance.

Recreational activities outside the home are suspended. Please keep to outdoor walks, with physical distancing and masking.

World Health Organization reports more than 53.7 million cases globally and 1.3 million deaths. The significant increases in cases and death are located in European and American Countries.

Because of COVID-19 and the strong advice to limit your close contacts (the people you can hug and touch without physical distancing) to only those people within your own household and maintain two metres (six feet) physical distancing from everyone else, we have to think of new and different ways to celebrate and connect with each other. This is challenging and stressful for all of us as we would love to spend time with family and friends. We also recognize that not everyone has a household of people and may live alone. If you live alone you may consider having close contact with another household. Because of the growing number, the government of Ontario has reimposed limits on indoor and outdoor non-monitored gathering, lowering them to 25 for outdoor event and 10 for indoor event. The fines will be significant for organizers and participants.

• Required BEFORE entering the home or place of work such as office. Please keep a mask available in a clean paper bag or ziplock in your vehicle to have for your next shift
• At all times, covering nose, mouth and chin.
• Encouraging individuals to wear masks as much as possible
• Employees and individuals MUST mask when in the car, traveling together. Physical distancing is required- opposite back seat.
• Masks must be worn when outside with individuals. Encourage individual to wear a mask as well.
• The medical is the preference- please speak to your manager if you need another option

Managers and teams will expand the outbreak SOP to match each homes’ particular population. Some may be able to self isolate in their own rooms as others will need to utilize the motel as the isolation location.

Please ensure to be vigilant with enhanced health measures:
• Frequent rigorous handwashing
• Cleaning of all surfaces including when before and after taking groceries out
• Physical distancing as much as possible in the homes
• Masking in all public areas, masking at all times when supporting individuals, indoors or outdoors
• Limiting your close contacts to your social circle of 10

Please review the PPE videos and ensure you record the viewing and understanding:

• Cleaning practices:
o Night and day shift employees should clean together at the beginning and end of shift. This will result in a clean setting for the new staffing group. The process should take you approximately 10 minutes. Use Spray 9 for its anti-virus properties
o Ensure indoor and outdoor doorknobs are cleaned, as well as high touch items like remote controls, light switches
o Ensure that offices are also cleaned
o Dishes should be cleaned with appropriate practices and following infection control practices.

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Keep in mind that directions will change rapidly and will require fluidity. These are unusual times and we are thankful for your continued support.


We thank you for your dedicated work and support to some of our most vulnerable Ontarians.

Best regards,

Christine Vallis-Page