E3 Staff Create Employment Opportunities for People with a Disability

Joe Dale (far left and front), Executive Director, ODEN, was facilitating learning atE3 Community Services in Collingwood last week.

What is ‘Creating Employment Opportunities for People with a Disability’ Training?

It’s customization learning that covers topics that are essential for employment service professionals who assist people with a disability, including:

Building a Strong Foundation within Employment Services to Guarantee Success;
Learning Advanced Job Development Techniques;
Increasing Job Retention Through Effective Job Coaching; and,
Assuring Quality Services to Create Exceptional Customer Service.

Participants brainstorming solutions to commonplace hiring objections.

How Effective is this Training?  Here’s what the E3 Staff had to say:

“This was the best workshop I ever attended!”

“Well done! This training is the basis for transformation of our employment services. Come back in a year and you’ll see the differences. Kudos!”

“The delivery of this information was excellent and just what our program needed.”

Participants discussing workplace accommodation strategies.