Part Time Night Support Workers (Two)

Closing Date: May 20, 2016
Salary Range: $17.77 - $19.87 per hour

The Night Support Worker is a necessary person in the residence during the client’s sleeping hours to be alert for any signs of client illnesses or seizures and to attend to the physical needs of some clients who require diaper changes or turning in bed. The Night Support Worker also does regular housekeeping, laundry and cooking chores. They assist clients with the morning routine in preparation for the day programs by overseeing breakfast and feeding, dressing and hygiene chores.

The Night Support Worker completes delegated administration duties, promotes practices and conditions that ensure the safety of clients and promotes the residential program on behalf of the agency. This position will work an average of 17 hours per week.

Week One – Friday 23:00 – 9:00

Week Two – Sat, Sun 21:00 – 9:00

Work location and shift rotation is subject to change based on program needs.

Educational Requirements:

  • DSW or equivalent
  • First Aid/CPR certificate
  • NVCI certificate
  • French language proficiency would be an asset