E3 (Educate, Enable, Empower) Community Services Inc. is a registered charity

Plan for a Van Raffle!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Board member Mary Jane Santori and a committee made up of E3 staff, a 2019 Honda CR-V could be in your driveway, in just a few short weeks!

Tickets are 1 for $30 or 2 for $50 and can be purchased at E3, ReUse Centre and many other locations around Collingwood.

The draw will be held on May 30th, at E3, 100 Pretty River Parkway North Collingwood, complete with BBQ, balloons and everyone is invited!

Annual Golf Tournament

E3’s Annual Tournament is our most successful fundraising event thanks to participants, sponsors and donors.  For  30 years, Collingwood Rotary assisted in every aspect of the tournament and their contributions are truly appreciated and will not be forgotten.    Persons Served, Board Members and Staff of E3, are so grateful to all the people who support this event and make it memorable.  See “Vehicle Replacement Campaign” below, for information on how funds from the tournament are used!

The 32nd Annual Tournament will be held once again, at The Georgian Bay Club on May 29th, 2019.

We are very excited to announce that this tournament is being rejuvenated!  E3 is all about inclusion, therefore our fundraising events should be as well.  A new committee has been struck, made up of staff, Board members and caregivers, to work towards making the tournament more relaxed, more fun, and yes, more inclusive!

2019 is the third year of the “Plan for a Van” campaign and we hope to raise enough funds to purchase a new wheelchair van.  As Collingwood Rotary played a big part in the first two years of this endeavour, they will of course, receive the recognition they so deserve!

Watch for updates as plans unfold.  Any suggestions from participants, donors and sponsors are of course, most welcomed.  Send your thoughts to and be part of this new and improved event!

We would love to hear from you!

The 31st Annual Tournament was held at The Georgian Bay Club on a very warm, sunny Wednesday.  This course is a pleasure to play and we are very grateful to the GBC management and staff for making it possible to hold our tournament at their beautiful club.

For the first time ever, E3 entered a team.  A draw was held and 4 front-line staff were the lucky winners and they represented E3 very well!

2018 Winning Teams!

From left to right:
McGhee Team II
Ladies Division

Smith Team
Senior Division

Darby Team
Mixed Division

CarStar Collingwood Team
Open Division


Campaigns or Service Targets

Basic service resources not funded by Government. Agency fundraising is extremely important to maintain high quality programs and services. The demand for service continually increases; and over time, it seems governments have less resources to meet public need. E3 attempts to fill the gap where possible and critical to ongoing quality service. We provide full descriptions of our currently identified agency projects as follows: Vehicle Replacements; and Respite Care.


How we raise funds. Over the years E3 Community Services has developed an array of fundraising projects to meet the increasing needs of the children and adults supported through our many programs. As the agency grows its unfunded needs also grow; and so, it has been imperative to diversify fundraising approaches and methodologies. The following projects represent our current efforts. Full details can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below: Foundation/Corporate Appeals, Local Donor Appeals, In Memoriam Program, Bequest Program, Nevada Sales.

Donor Recognition

How we say thank you. An integral part of fundraising is donor appreciation and recognition. E3 makes every effort to publicly acknowledge and thank all donors in a variety of ways. This website posting is only one of the ways we can say thank you for your community spirit and generosity. We also prominently display a donor recognition wall in the agency headquarters to enhance donor visibility.

Vehicle Replacement Campaign

E3 has a small fleet of vehicles that are used by residents of 14 group homes and 4 support programs. Transportation is essential for persons served to participate in all daily living activities including employment, medical appointments, day programs, social outings, and learning opportunities.

Reliable and safe transportation is critical as people n wheelchairs cannot easily be transferred in the event of a breakdown out of town. Without safe transportation there is a potential for a reduction in mobility, community participation, and subsequently; quality of life. As the average useful life of these types of vehicles is eight to ten years, E3 needs to regularly replace vehicles. For this reason the Vehicle Replacement Campaign is ongoing.

The Rotary Club of Collingwood, supports E3’s Annual Golf Tournament. Rotary has chosen transportation as the area of need funds from the tournament are directed toward.  As transportation is not funded by the government, this assistance is vital and we continue to be so grateful to Rotary and everyone who participates in the tournament.  Thank you all!

The 2018 Tournament was the second year of a three year plan to purchase a wheelchair van.  With the purchase of a van and conversion costs, the price can be as high as $90,000!   Newer model vans have a much easier ramp system, replacing hydraulics that were affected by weather and difficult to operate.

Respite Room Renovation Campaign

Imagine caring for a high needs individual, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Respite care is an ongoing need in our community. It is vital to caregivers and to the people they support.

E3 has made every effort to provide as much respite as possible to families. In 2007/2008, a campaign was launched to raise funds to convert a garage in an existing group home, into a dedicated Respite room. The goal was met and the room was built. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Collingwood, the room was completely furnished as well!

With the building of E3’s newest group homes, we create Respite rooms wherever possible. Unfortunately, this is far from what is needed in our community. As well, emergency placements often “block” these beds, causing additional stress on caregivers and their loved ones.

Many families are on a wait list for both day program and residential support. With Developmental Services Ontario taking on the role for placements in our province, agencies cannot offer parents/caregivers any indication as to when they may receive support of any kind.

E3 Board and management continue to try to improve capacity.

Nevada Break Open Lottery Tickets

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has made break open lottery tickets available for purchase by non-profit organizations as a means of generating much needed fundraising revenue. In the past, E3 worked with both the Collingwood Optimists and the Quota Club of Collingwood in an effort to bridge fundraising gaps. Our agency is grateful to those Service Clubs for their help in past years.

At one time, Nevada was E3’s most important fundraiser but unfortunately, over the years, revenues have greatly decreased. None the less, we appreciate any opportunity to raise funds to enhance the lives of those we are proud to support!