In Memoriam & Bequest Programs

We gratefully thank the following donors for their thoughtful contributions made in loving memory of people who touched their lives:

In Memory of Muriel Farrar
Mr. & Mrs. D. Brown;  Mr. & Mrs. T. Pattison;  Mr. & Mrs. E. Farrar;  Mike, Kathy, Brad Cathy, James, Sarah & Rebecca Hudson.

Mrs. Farrar was a founding member of E3, a tireless advocate for people with different abilities, and a respected Life Member of our agency.  We will always owe a debt of gratitude to this gracious lady, and to all parents who helped build the foundation E3 is built upon.

In Memory of Lori Anne MacKay
Audrey M. Drummond;  Cory Vandeven;  John & Paula Vandeven;  Marlene Smith & Family;  Louise Long; MEP London, Social Committee;  Bob Aggerholm;  Rae & Lorna Hockley;  Janis Almond;  Willis & Barbara Camplin;  Helene Pierard;  Jeff Markle. 

In Memory of John Penner
Shirley Millsap;  Wayne Liko;  Marilyn Trudel;  Caroline Gains;  Lynne Nicolson; Margaret Arnold;  Bill, Ann & Betty.

In Memory of Elizabeth Jane Russell

In Memory of Judith Bruneau
Rhonda Thompson

In Memory of Marcus Anderson
Matthew Wells & Mark Redmond

In Memory of Brian Thomas
Dr. Michael Dove;  Don & Nancy Godfrey;  Margaret & Murray Bisset;  Gareth, Elizabeth & Jennifer Thomas;  Bruce & Denene Archibald;  Frank & Grace Nicoletta;  Patricia Lynn Jackson;  Leone Scully;  Angela Wildman & Brie Neiman on behalf of the late Gerdina Baluke.

In Memory of Janice Child
Ann Tanner;  Catherine B. Tanner;  Katherine Smith;  Rosalie Amodeo;   Mr. and Mrs. G. Gold;  Donna Ferguson

In Memory of Sarah Watson
Graham & Susan Watson;  Kenneth & Winnifred Fralick.  

In Memory of Ayako Yoshioka
Peter Burns; J. Broerse & C. Figueroa; Scott and Tammy Bates; the Verheyen Family; AF1 & AF2 Plant 2 Management; Bryce Hawkins; Adam & Brenda Bartosek; Mr. & Mrs. J. McCutcheon; Mr. & Mrs. W. Kennedy; Honda Canada Mfg; Aeja Jung; Elizabeth Jones; Jeffrey Homma; Mr. & Mrs. R. Perrier; Mr. & Mrs. T. Davis; the Wettlaufer Family; Mr. & Mrs. J. Armstrong; Michael & Sarah Hansen; Ali Kong; Naeko Murakami; Trinda & Daniel Sowerby; Janine Priller; Drew & Sarah Boyce; James Blackstock; Judy Chou; D. Grummett & S. Idone; Alliston Men’s Hockey; & Yamato Yoshioka.

In Memory of Keenan Boston*
Brandy Tanenbaum; Wayne Caldwell; Marissa Allin; the Clouthier Family; Crystal Spataro; Kirsten Gopaul; Ashley Cochrane; Teresa Sue Vanscheyndel; Jeff & Mary Dancey; Aimee & James Ward; Shannon Sutherland; Katie Hutchinson; Lynden Interiors; Sheila Basso; Denise McKibbon; Paul Keogh; Shaughan English-Cragg; Helen Burmeister; Angie Lewis; Neil & Raya Oliver; Pat Oliver; Brian & Sara Slater; Janet Heard-Allin; Tasha & Scott Passmore; Patrice Smith; Tina & Robin Dickson; Joanne Van Nieuwenhove; Randi Mayor; Laura Cooper & Danny Chiasson; the Bilotta Family;  Ellish Boston;  Brian & Heather Boston; Cheryl & Kevin Boston;  E&L Harris;  Mrs. Gasner-Mayor;  Liz Toye;  M. Krawczyk;  Feehely Gastaldi Law Office;  Oxnard Beeton Inc.;  Bonnie & Michael Morrison;  Craig & Susan Butcher;  Sal Caggiula.

*Since the loss of Keenan, his family has continued to raise funds in his memory, directed to the Alliston EarlyON Centre.  Each year, Keanan’s Family Walk is held and donations continue to come in regularly from literally hundreds of caring people, therefore not all names are listed here.  Regardless, every donation is truly appreciated and is used to enhance the services to hundreds of children and their families, who attend the Alliston EarlyON Centre.  Thank you all!

In Memory of Thomas Brown
W. Sprinngay 2001 Team;  Audrey A. Innes;  Ian & Lil Bowhey

In Memory of Rodney McIntyre
Dave & Suzanne Rawn;  Ellie & Mark Dryden:  Fred Promoli; Terry & Norma Still;  Mrs. Mae Elyea;  Dale & Patricia Fawcett;  Mary Patterson;  Richard Pell;  Larry & Helen Smith;  Marie Hill

In Memory of Eleanora Child
David Cook & Family;  Alicja Sequi;  Richard Price;  Jeanne O’Connell;  Karl & Milley Eliefff;  Joyce McGregor;  Lorne & Linda Wright;  Ken & June Child;  Umbrella Central Day Care;  Mararet A. Tanner;  Gloria Breen;  Donna Ferguson;  Mr. & Mrs. R. Mears;  Catherine B. Argue.  

In Memory of Graeme Hucyke
Mrs. Goldie Woolner;  Mr. & Mrs. R. Sutin;  Liz Christie;  Gordon Cruickshank;  Bruce & Dorothy Doner;  Susan & William Skelton;  John W. Noble;  Simpson & Company Insurance;  Ronald J.C. McQueen  Carol Hill;  Mr. & Mrs. D. Denton;  Mr. & Mrs. E.  Huycke;  Mr. & Mrs. A. Huycke;  Mr. & Mrs. H. Conover;  Myra C. Titus;  Mr. & Mrs. Miller;  Mr. & Mrs. E. Zeidler;  Mr. & Mrs. H. Morris;  Judith Traynor;  Dr. Farel Anderson;  Susan Hanna & David Scott;  Richard Rohmer;  Kenneth E. Jewett;  Sylvia Sally Stone;  Mary Jane Savage;  Georgian Graphics Limited;  T.E. Financial Consultants;  William & Meridith Sanderson;  Norma Wilson;  Fred A. M. Huycke.

In Memory of Yvonne Marsh
Mrs. Goldie Woolner.

In Memory of Margaret Bobet
Linda Gilbert;  &  Jessica Bobet. 

In Memory of Lindsay Baginski
Teri Bowers;  Edward & Catherine Baginski;  Gayle Allan;  Diane McKay;  Shirley Sutton;  & Matthew Wells. 

In Memory of Valarie Jean Bowin
Mr. & Mrs. Teeple;  Lori MacKay;  Mr. & Mrs. R. Ford;  Gwen McDonald;  Mr. & Mrs. K. Weatherall;  Mr. and Mrs. O. MacPherson;  Mr. & Mrs. B. McGauley;  Joyce Griffin;  Sue Martin;  Mr. & Mrs. R. Hogg;  Mr. & Mrs. J. Healey;  Mr. & Mrs. D. Hogg;  Mr. & Mrs. W. Calvert;  Janet Currie & Tim Knorr;  Bernice Rawlings;  Mr. & Mrs. D. Hall;  Pilkington Glass of Canada;  and United Steelworkers of America. 

In Memory of Neil Porter
Mr. Mrs. G. Porter

In Memory of Russell Grahame Shepstone
Pilkington Glass of Canada and United Steelworkers of America.  

In Memory of John Edward Galbraith
United Steelworkers of America.

In Memory of Pat McElroy
Town of Collingwood Council

In Memory of Sylvia Nugent
Michael & Faye Stone;  Ron & Marie Wheeldon;  Peggy & Bud Irvine;  Violet Kimmele;  Heather Tucker;  Don & Deb Stoddart;  Eleanor M. Hancock;  Ladies Auxiliary;  James & Marina Reynolds;  Human Resources Centre Canada.  

In Memoriam gifts are a thoughtful way to express your sympathy to family members while making a lasting contribution to a worthy organization. Make your wishes known that E3 is your charity of choice, or make a contribution in the name of a loved one who would have wanted to support families in our community.

To make an In Memoriam donation, please call 705 445-6351 ext. 227 or e-mail:
A charitable donation receipt will be returned to you with heartfelt thanks.


Our deepest appreciation to the Estates of:

Hugh Terry Van Patter
Beatrice R. Myler

Ruby L. Sanderson
Kristine B. Weston

To be remembered in such a way, is a great honor.

A charitable Bequest is a simple way to allocate either a set amount or a percentage of your Estate to a charitable organization in your Will. Bequests involve no immediate costs and do not affect your current assets. The estate is issued a charitable receipt.

Life Insurance

Giving a larger gift can be made possible by using life insurance in several different ways:

  • By making E3 the beneficiary of a policy, the funds would be dispersed without entering the estate and a charitable receipt would be issued.
  • A charitable donation could be made in the current year by changing the ownership of a paid up policy. As a result you would immediately receive a charitable receipt for the cash value.
  • You could also plan a large contribution by purchasing a new policy with premiums equivalent to your desired regular donation.

RRSP’s or RRIF’s

By naming E3 as the beneficiary of your registered plans, the charitable receipt that is issued to the estate will offset the taxes owing when the plan is withdrawn.

Charitable Annuities

A charitable annuity allows you to make a large contribution to E3 while still ensuring that you maintain a steady, dependable source of income for your lifetime. Depending on your age this guaranteed income may be tax free.

Publicly Traded Securities

You can also donate public securities to E3 such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. These can be donated either today or in your Will and you will be issued a charitable receipt for the market value at the date of transfer.

For a full colour brochure in pdf, click here.Bequest Brochure