E3 Community Services (E3) recognizes and values the significant contributions volunteers make. Through contact, care and compassion, volunteers enhance the lives of the children and adults we support in many ways. Details of our services are comprehensively outlined throughout this website.

From being a companion to an adult or reading to small children, there is a niche for anyone who can share their time, talents and skills. The following are just a few of the areas where volunteers can be of assistance:

  • offer friendship
  • take someone for a walk
  • take someone for a swim
  • take someone bowling
  • share a book over coffee
  • sing a song
  • teach a craft
  • be a tutor
  • write to a pen pal
  • exercise with a partner
  • explore our community together
  • be a role model
  • and a hundred other ways to put a smile on someone’s face

Due to the vulnerability of those we support, E3 requires a criminal reference check and two references, after which the volunteer and volunteer coordinator meet to discuss interests and expectations. At this orientation meeting, the policies and procedures of our agency regarding confidentiality, and volunteer role description will be discussed.

The screening process is in place to protect both the people we support and our volunteers. It is designed to help our volunteers find a position that coordinates with their goals and expectations and enriches their lives as well as the lives of the people we support.

We very much welcome your interest, time and caring community spirit.

For more information on volunteering, please contact:
E3 Community Services
100 Pretty River Parkway North
Collingwood, ON L9Y 4X2
Tel: (705) 445-6351 ext. 236     Fax: (705) 445-6313
E-Mail: e3@e3.ca