Passport Funding

Passport is a program that helps adults 18 years or older with a developmental disability, participate in their communities.  It also helps caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability. take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

Passport provides funding for services and supports so adults with a developmental disability can:

  • take part in community classes or recreational programs;
  • develop work, volunteer and daily life skills;
  • hire a support worker;
  • create their own life plans (this is called person-directed planning) to reach their goals;
  • get temporary respite for their caregivers; and
  • Passport is funded by the Ontario government and administered by local Passport Agencies.

How can E3 Help

Administration of Funds – the adult with funding can direct E3 to manage their Passport funding according to the direction and plan the person has developed. E3 hires and supervises the direct support professionals with input from the person and their supports. E3 pays for any upfront costs and communicates with PassportOne for reimbursement, or the adult with the funding can submit receipts to be reimbursed. There is an administration fee charged for this service to offset costs related to managing funding and staffing.

Fee for Service – the individual with the funding purchases supports from E3 Community Services. They would be billed for supports provided, and the person administering their funds would assist with submitting receipts to PassportOne.  There would be an administration fee charged for this service for costs related to staffing.

Support Staff  we have qualified staff to assist with support required for activities, events, coaching and respite.  

How to apply for Passport Funding

You can apply for Passport funding through Developmental Services Ontario

E3 Community Services has a Coordinator dedicated to the Passport Funding Program, and can assist individuals and families with the application for funding, deciding on administration, budgeting, and hiring of staff.

For more information contact Tracy Nancekivell, Service Planning Coordinator 705-445-6351 ext 328

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