Children/Youth and Adult Respite Services

Welcome to E3 Community Services respite services. We strive to provide engaging, accessible, safe, and personalized supports to children, youth, adults, and their caregivers. We aim to offer meaningful opportunities considering the holistic well-being of the family unit as well as the values and core beliefs of both the individual and E3.

Respite bathroom shower

Respite kitchen island

Respite room window

Respite kitchen

Respite room layout

Respite services offers temporary, person-directed care where those attending have the opportunity to meet new friends, discover the community, and participate in a wide range of fun and enjoyable activities.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, E3 shut down operations of all respite programs for the safety of the individuals supported, their families, and E3 staff. During the time of the pandemic, we have renovated a new space which will be beneficial to support children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities who require respite services. We acknowledge that families manage better when they feel strong emotionally and physically. Regular periods of relief give the family a chance to rest and recuperate. We hope that we will be able to offer respite relief by the beginning of 2022 (depending on the status of the pandemic).

two girls at respite

For more information on how E3 can help, please email or call the Intake/Passport Coordinator at 705-441-6868.

adult respite guest
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