About Us

E3 Community Services (E3) operates under letters patent issued on December 18, 1974 in response to parents brought together by their concern about lack of educational opportunities and services for their children. Prior to incorporation and in the following years, the Association was involved in the development of pre-schools, developmental centre, schools, workshops, living solutions and parent support services. Many people gave freely of their time to develop these services and to seek government support to maintain and expand upon the small base of services for people with a developmental disability.

Over the years, the Association modified services, removing and adding, as trends in the sector and legislation evolved. New services replaced outdated approaches. Social enterprises were developed to address unfunded items, such as capital expenditures and maintenance to our properties. Children’s programs, such as EarlyON Child and Family Centres and Tots ’n’ Tykes Child Care Centre, are essential community outreach programs in South Georgian Bay and Alliston.

The direction of current services and supports has moved from a program model to one which endeavours to be responsive to individuals with developmental disabilities, and to further enhance their independence and quality of life. The range of services E3 offers today for children, adults and their families include integrated child care services, supports in community living, supports to explore social opportunities and to ensure that services are designated for the individual and focus on his/her strengths, needs and choices.

All people with developmental disabilities have full rights as citizens of South Georgian Bay, to access all recreational, educational, social, and employment opportunities that the area offers.

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