Letter to Families

December 21, 2021

Dear family member:

I hope you are keeping well especially with the upcoming holiday season. 

As the Covid 19 numbers continue to rise, we need to remain vigilant in our safety practices in order to mitigate the risk of our most vulnerable individuals from contracting this virus.  In response to the rapidly increasing numbers of Covid 19 cases, we wanted to touch base with you so that you are informed of our practices to lessen the risk of your family member contracting the virus as well as the other individuals he/she lives with and support staff.

We continue to follow the guidelines set forth from MCCSS and monitor for directives and recommendations in our response to Covid 19.  Short stays and visits with family will continue but precautions should be taken in accordance to the vulnerability of everyone who lives in the home.  In the case that MCCSS sends out new guidelines due to the increasing Covid 19 numbers, we will keep you informed when that happens. 

We also can offer you the opportunity of visiting your family member at our 250 Peel location where you can visit in a safe and warm environment providing that all involved pass the regular screening.

If you are picking up your family member over the holidays, please be aware that if an outbreak of Covid 19 should occur in the home, it may affect your ability to pick up your family member or may delay their return back to the home

We encourage you to obtain rapid testing kits for yourself and others who may be part of the home visit to increase the protection of your loved ones. Please respect gathering limits and exposure to others who may have been in contact with the virus.

We are following the precautions below effective immediately if you wish to take your loved one out of the home:      

  • People who leave the home for short stay absences with family or friends will need to have a rapid antigen test completed before returning back inside the home.  If this rapid antigen test result is positive, you will need to arrange supports for your family member outside of the E3 home as well as arrange for a PCR Covid 19 test to be completed.  If the rapid antigen test is negative we will continue to complete rapid antigen screening tests every 3 days for everyone in the home.
  • The person is to perform hand hygiene upon exit and entry of the home and maintains hand hygiene in the community.
  • The individual should wear a face covering or non-medical mask if possible when entering an indoor space or when within 2 meters/6 feet of others while in the community.
  • The person is encouraged to physical distance as much as possible
  • Masks should only be removed indoors to eat or drink, while also physically distancing.  We will assist the person to obtain masks and coach them on the proper usage of masks in order to facilitate mask wearing during absences.
  • In addition, we encourage a good fresh air intake while the individual is out in the community or out with family members.  Practices such as leaving exhaust fans on, opening windows and having visits outside when possible helps to circulate fresh air and promote a healthy breathing environment.


In the homes we continue to follow practices and policies in order to mitigate the risk of spreading the Covid 19 virus.  Our staff continue to wear surgical masks and face coverings (including goggles or face shields) and we are directing the staff not to come into the houses if they are displaying new symptoms that are reflective of the Covid 19 virus:  if staff cannot pass our screening, they are not to come into the homes.  We are also disinfecting high touch surfaces frequently and daily monitoring temperatures of the individuals we support as well as the staff reporting to work.  Support staff continue to avoid busy grocery stores and malls by utilizing curbside pick up options and ordering on-line. 

Frequent handwashing remains a priority for everyone.

Keeping the people supported safe and healthy remains our priority.  The past 21 months has certainly been a difficult time for everyone.  We have come up with some unique and innovative ways to support individuals to continue to reach their goals despite all the restrictions that Covid 19 has brought us.  We hope to continue to work with you in partnership to provide the safest supports possible and to continue to support every individual’s needs and wishes moving forward through this pandemic. 

Thank-you for your continued assistance and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Scott Kelly
Director of People and Programs



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